Just like the Chain Drive, the Belt drive is also reliable, tough, and affordable. Instead of a chain material, this option uses a belt. While it may be quiet, the belt can wear out with use.

Few projects can improve your home’s curb appeal as quickly and affordably as a new garage door.  In many cases, a garage door makes up about 1/3 of the visible front side of a home and therefore the type, style, design and material chosen for your garage door can dramatically impact your home’s overall appearance and value. As a main point of entry and exit to your home, your garage door should operate reliably and smoothly, in addition to elevating the style of your home.If your garage door is more than 20 years old, it might be time to consider replacing it. In addition to adding beauty to your home, newer doors have many other benefits, including the fact that they are safer and easier to operate than older doors. If you are considering the purchase of a new garage door, continue reading to learn more about the available choices and the installation process.

A garage door is not built like a regular door, and it can therefore be very dangerous to install one without the right tools, knowledge and experience. Garage doors are extremely heavy and they rely on heavy-duty components such as high-tension springs and cables for proper operation. The opening mechanism can be quite sophisticated, and costly mistakes sometimes occur when these systems are installed without professional help. With a professional installation, youare sure to have a garage that’s safe, functional, and offers peace of mind. An overview of the professional garage door installation process is included below:

When garage door installers get started, they must disassemble and remove the old door (if there is one) first. Then, they can place the new garage door panels and install tracks, rollers, springs, cables, and last but not least, the garage door opener. How long it takes to install a garage door opener is a primary consideration when preparing to install a new door.Althoughit is generally difficult to determine an exact timeframe for installing a garage door, installation can typically be completed in a single day, over the course of about 4 to 8 hours on average. However, there are many factors that affect how long it takes to install a garage door. Every procedure completed during the installation process involves time. A few individual factors that affect how long garage door installation takes are detailed below – not to mention that after installation, some additional time will be required for testing of the new system to ensure proper and safe operation.

Trained, professional installers can work efficiently and will get the job done right the first time.  Of course, a garage door can be installed without the assistance of a professional, but it will definitely require additional time and may also add cost to the project in terms of purchasing tools that are especially suited to the job as well as an increased potential for errors that may need to be repaired.

Smaller doors understandably take a shorter amount of time to install than larger ones. In fact, size is the most significant factor that affects the installation timeframe. And, if modifications must be made to fit the door into place, the job will take longer to complete.

Besides the installation time, you will likely also want to consider how long it will take for your door to be shipped or ready for installation. If the door that you want is in stock, or is available in your local area, installation can often be scheduled quickly; it generally takes the least amount of time to obtain basic raised panel doors. There are, of course, other types of doors to consider.  For example, over the last several years, “custom” garage doors, those that combine new steel and painting technologies along with increased safety features, allow homeowners to capture the look and feel of old-fashioned, traditional garages or carriage houses have become popular. These “Carriage Style” garage doors offer you greater selection when choosing your door. Wooden garage doors are also still available, and while they may require additional maintenance, they also add warmth and value to any home. If your garage does double duty as a man cave, hangout or exercise room, there are additional options to consider, such as garage door screens, so you can enjoy the feeling of an open door without flying pests. There are also nearly 50 different types of windows (glazing) to choose from if windows are desired in your new garage door. The more customized your new garage door is, usually the longer it will also take to get it.

In addition to the time required for installation, cost is also a very important consideration. Several factors contribute to the cost of garage door installation, including the type and materials of the door, labor, the type of door opener used and the total number of garage doors. Adding insulation or other optional features to a garage door can also increase the cost.

Your garage door is almost surely the largest moving object in your home. Today, they are often operated by automatic garage door openers. Proper installation, operation, maintenance, and testing are necessary to provide safe, trouble-free, and reliable operation. An improperly adjusted garage door or automatic opener can exert deadly force when the door closes, potentially leading to serious injury or death from being hit by a closing garage door or from being trapped under the door. Hiring a professional for your garage door installation project will make sure that your door is installed correctly, and more importantly, safely – letting you and your family enjoy it with peace of mind.