Garage door openers open and close garage doors by guiding the garage door up and down. Because a garage door opens and closes thousands of times every year, it is common for a garage door opener to need repair.

Common Garage Door Opener Issues

The most common garage door opener issue is when the sensors are misaligned. Sensors come in pairs, one for each side of the garage. Sensor complications differentiate amongst brands of garage door openers. Nonetheless, there are several common indications that you are having a problem with your sensors. For instance, you may hear a clicking sound when the garage door will not close after clicking the garage door remote. A quick fix is making sure your sensors are aligned. They are found at the bottom of the track. The emergency release is a common issue with garage doors. Make sure your opener is engaged. You
can check by pressing the wall button to close the garage door, if the opener belt or chain is moving after you clicked the button and the garage door is not moving that means the garage door is not engaged to the garage door opener. If your garage door does not close or open all the way, it may need adjustments on the limits and force.


Installing a new garage door opener or repairing your opener. When deciding between repairing the opener and replacing it, consider the following factors: the amount of usage and tension. An average lifetime of a garage door opener is between 10 years to 15 years, depending on how often it is used. It is important that a professional check the garage door for correct tension.

Garage Door opener safety

To comply with federal law UL 325 the following safety features should be working. Safety sensors are required by law and by home inspections. You can test the safety sensors by making sure that the safety sensors on the tracks are no higher than 6 inches off the ground. To test
your safety sensors you should click the clicker or the wall button to close the door, then block the safety sensors. The door should respond by returning up. If the door closes instead of going back up,
then it is not working properly. You should contact a professional to repair or replace your safety sensors or garage door opener.

The reversal test is another test that should be done to comply with federal law. To perform this test, place a two by four on the floor under the door (preferably the center). Once closing, the doorshould automatically reverse when it hits the two by four. This means the opener force should be adjusted or the opener is not working properly.